Meet the MVP Team (CA BRE#01184629)

CA BRE#01184629MVP GROUP cropped.jpg

A local artist John Coito captured the inner cartoon character in each of us. (with the exception of REALTOR: Cindy Demasi)

REALTOR: Paul “Pablo” de Landa (Far Left) –

Paul is a retired school teacher.  Paul can often be seen with his companion Pita, a whippet dog.  Paul speaks English, Spanish and French.  Paul is a diligent agent with a long history of successful transactions.

REALTOR: Thomas L. Thompson Jr.

Tommy Thompson will tell you like it is.  He is a straight forward “get it done” guy that adds a confidence and a swagger to the office.  Tommy is a Realtor, Property Manager and he is our sign guy.  Tommy owns his own Sign Business on the side.

BROKER: George Galloway Mac Master

George is often referred to as Gallo.   He and Partner Broker Peter Talia started Mountain Valley Properties at the Rotary Crab Feed in 2005.  Gallo also is a Mortgage Broker.  Gallo’s company Mac Mortgage operates out of the Patterson Mountain Valley Properties location.

BROKER: Peter Mathew Talia

Pete is an Attorney.  Pete is “the brains of the operation” and it’s moral compass. Pete is also the former City Attorney for the City of Susanville and at one point ran for Judge.  He and REALTOR Cindy DeMasi are located in Susanville.

Chris Korth

Chris is the mortgage processor for Mac Mortgage.  Chris is known for being able to recite Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac loan guidelines.

REALTOR: Ronald Brent West

Ron is a REALTOR, a planner, a Poet, an Author, a Diver, an Archaeologist and a Rock Star.  Ron’s focus is on Commercial Real Estate, Land Development and Land Use.  His track record is long and interesting.

Becky Campo

We are hoping that Becky gets her Real Estate license some day.  She is currently our Book keeper, translator, landlord and office mate.  Her company Patterson Financial was and is our office incubator.