Sperry Commercial Park –

Sperry Commercial Park –

Just an hour’s drive east of San Francisco, San Jose, and Oakland; adjacent to Interstate-5 is Patterson, California, home of Sperry Commercial Park. Located just off (and to the right) of the Interstate 5 Patterson Exit. The area anchor (LOVES Travel Center) will pull travelers off of Interstate 5. Sidle your business up next to them and join in on the 55,000 (2018 Estimate) estimated I5 Travelers each day.

The right side of Sperry will be the right side to be on with the addition of a new turn lane on Sperry Avenue. Who will wait in line to turn left when traffic flows so well to the right. Join us on the right side!

* Business Friendly City Government

* Traffic Study Available

* Derrigo Report Available

* Storm Drain Available

* First City of Interstate 5 coming from LA County.

* ADTC Ahead Peak of 55,000 (updated 2018)

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