Land for New QSR Restaurants

Land for New QSR Restaurants

Fantastic Opportunity to build on the Most VisibleHighest Traffic location in Patterson.  Located at the end of the northbound Patterson Exit from Interstate 5.  The first City on Interstate 5 coming from Los Angeles County.  Restaurants and Hotels welcome!!!    

The lots are AVAILABLE & DIVISIBLE.  You choose how much room you need

According to the 2017 Derrigo Report, the City of Patterson has a retail trade gap in providing restaurant options.

The Population of the City of Patterson and it’s corresponding Trade Area is GROWING!  Watch the development of the former Crows Landing Naval Airforce base, the Villages of Patterson development and the northwest annexation, or the Zacharias master plan.  According to the  2017 Derrigo Report the TRADE AREA of Patterson post build out of General Plan is more than 100,000 people.  The estimate population of more than 100,000 does not include any population increase from the the northwest annexation.  Look for updated numbers on subsequent Derrigo reports in the future.

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