2842 Apricot Avenue, Patterson ($469,500)

Ranch with 2 Homes and a Barn

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The property includes part of the corn field.

The property currently consists of 2 riverside homes surrounded by Ag Land.


One home is built in 1978.  It has 2 bedrooms and 1 bath.  The home is 990 square feet.

The second home is a 3 bedroom 1 bath home built in 1912. The home is 1008 square feet.

There is also a barn and a fenced areas for animals.



A slough is typically used to describe wetlands. Sloughs along the edges of rivers form where the old channel of the river once flowed. These areas are also referred to as oxbows because they tend to form at a bend in the old river bed, making them look like the U-shaped collar placed around the neck of an ox to which a plow is attached.

Along the West Coast, sloughs are often named for the quiet, backwater parts of bays and therefore, they are part of the estuary, where freshwater flows from creeks and runoff from land mix with salty ocean water transported by the tides.